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Hazelbury Bryan Parish Council

Mr. Steve Murcer

Vice Chairman:
Mr. David Maughan and Mr. Ken Huggins

Mr Malcolm Wilson. Tel: 01258 817768 or Email
: parishclerk@hazelburybryan.net

ALL correspondence to go to the Clerk at 4 The Orchard, Ibberton, Blandford Forum, Dorset, DT11 0EL.

1st Tuesday of every month at 8pm in the Village Hall. Members of the public are very welcome.

Minutes and Agenda:
Minutes are posted on the village notice boards and the village website

The agenda is posted on the Village notice boards.

Councillor Batstone’s Surgery:
Cllr Pauline Batstone, Hazelbury Bryan’s district and county councillor, holds a monthly surgery in the village hall every 3rd Saturday of the month between 10.30 am and 11.15am

Current Parish Councillors
  Steve Murcer steve.murcer@hazelburybryan.net   01258 817919 Chairman
  John Grayson john.grayson@hazelburybryan.net   01258 817120  
  Martin Richards martin.richards@hazelburybryan.net   01258 817372  
  Phil Dimmock phil.dimmock@hazelburybryan.net   01344 638666  
  David Maughn david.maughan@hazelburybryan.net   01258 817805 Vice Chairman
  Ken Huggins ken.huggins@hazelburybryan.net   01258 818223  
  Alun Read alun.read@hazelburybryan.net   01258 818340  
  Malcolm Wilson parishclerk@hazelburybryan.net   01258 817786 Clerk

Councillor for Lydden Vale Ward, North Dorset District Council
  Pauline Batstone cllr.p.batstone@btinternet.com   01258 472583  

Parish council minutes - click here

Draft minutes are produced by the Parish Clerk and are presented to the Parish Council for approval. Any amendments are noted in the minutes of the meeting at which they are approved. The minutes themselves stand and are not corrected. This needs to be taken into consideration when reading the minutes on the website.

2015 meeting dates - 8pm village hall

 Tuesday 6th January

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 3rd February

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 3rd March

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 7th April

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 12th May

 Parish Council Meeting – the first after  elections on May 7th 

 Tuesday 2nd June

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 7th July

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 4th August

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 1st September

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 6th October

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 3rd November

 Parish Council Meeting

 Tuesday 1st December

 Parish Council Meeting

Date to be decided for Annual Parish Meeting between 1st March and 1st June 2015

Hazelbury Bryan parish council news letters - click here


Hazelbury Bryan village planning matters

None at present.

Hazelbury Bryan parish council governance framework - (pdf 725Kb)


Hazelbury Bryan parish council miscellaneous documents all in PDF

District Reports

Local Reports